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Starting / Straining March 809HS-PL Pump

Perhaps I hadn’t thought this out well enough. But I bought the March 809HS-PL Pump from your site, with the recommended additions. The reason I bought this was recently while transferring beer from the secondary into a bottling bucket, air kept getting sucked into the AutoSiphon. I bought a new one, and the same problem. Nothing ticked me off more than exposing air to the beer, so I bought the pump.

BUT, I can’t think of a good way to get the thing started, and strain the wort to keep dry hops from going into the pre-bottling bucket. I see the thing uses 1/2 hose. I had seen other beer transfer pumps elsewhere, but they always seemed cheap. or had bad reviews.

What do you recommend? I thought of using a 1/2" hose clamp, and placing the tube in the wort, clamping it, then connecting it to the pump. However, unless I’m using a very long hose, it doesn’t work, and even then it doesn’t strain it. I also tried using the auto-siphon stem, with a hops bag stuck to it, but that required about a cup of water, and I don’t want to unnecessarily dilute the beer.

Hoping for solutions…
Thanks in advance!

This message board is not monitored by the folks at Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply. You will need to call or email them directly for their advice.

In regards to your question, the pump will not pull the wort/beer out of a carboy/pail. The primary/secondary will need to have a drain on it to feed the pump. Then the pump will push the beer/wort to the next vessel.

IMO the pump is not suitable for your application.

You could do like you mention and fill the tubing with sanitizer and try to prime the pump. Try it with water before wasting time on a beer. I don’t think it will work.

Sorry, first post. I’ve emailed them as you indicated. I agree, it looks far more difficult than I had thought.

Make sure your pump is mounted BELOW the brew kettle and that the air can vent out of the pump and it will start without problems. The easiest way to do this is to have the discharge vented to atmosphere via a hose and then when it starts pumping, put the discharge hose into the fermenter. The other way is to plumb in a tee and a valve to vent out of on the discharge side of the pump. See my picture below for a visual aid.

To eliminate the problem with your Auto Siphon first make sure you clamp the hose on the racking cane.
Then after you assemble the unit take your 3 piece thief, after sanitizing it, and take some wort and place it in the Auto Siphon problem solved.

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