Is it necessary to do a yeast starter with dry yeast?
I’ve been dragging my feet on the whole process of brewing my first batch b/c of getting things together and just generally not wanting to bone up my first batch. I have read and done lots of research on different aspects of the brew process. I built a stir

plate new years night thanks to Anthony Lopez on HBT Forums. So… yeah, is it necessary to do a yeast starter from dry yeast? will it benefit any at all from doing a starter or is this only something that needs to be done with Liquid Yeast?


No you dont need to do a starter for dry yeast mater of fact you dont even need to airate for dry yeast. I would rehydrate though.

thank you sir. now off to read about rehydrating :slight_smile:

Make sure to include this in your reading list. Rehydrating is not the ‘must’ it used to be ... ried-yeast

Off topic at this point but why do you not need to aerate for dry yeast?

Just click on the link

The purpose of the oxygen provided through aeration is to strengthen cells and aid in reproduction. Dry yeast are already strong and have the numbers in each packet. The dry yeast don’t need the oxygen but it won’t hurt anything if you do aerate.

Same deal with wine yeast?