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Starter ready?

Made a 2L starter with yeast that was harvested in October and Extra light DME. Checked the gravity and it is 1.014 from 1.038, Held temp at 65* for 3 days. If I’m wanting to brew tonight, could there be any harm in pitching with some fermentables in the starter as long as the liquid isn’t too foul?

At 1.014 it might be done, and even if it isn’t now it certainly will be in a few hours. Regardless, at this point you’re probably getting little to no additional reproduction, depending on oxygen levels.

Being that it’s 2L going into a 5gal batch, would you cool/decant or pitch the whole stater?

I would decant. My philosophy is, I wouldn’t accept being off by 10% on anything else during a brew session. Why would I dilute the wort with 10% starter beer?

Thanks, I’ll stick to that philosophy from now on. :wink:

Have you tasted a starter?

Just the yeast pleeze! :mrgreen:

I had actually thought I would just to see how it tastes. It’s been fermenting at 65* so I’d not expect many fusels considering this is the normal temp I use for this yeast. Regardless, I’ll just chill, decant and pitch tonight.

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