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Starter Question

I made a starter on Thursday night with every intention of brewing when I got home from work on Friday. Well, things came up and Fri evening turned into Sat morning wich turned into sometime sunday and now I am looking at brewing on black friday.

My question is… Is my starter (which currently is in the refrigerator) still going to be ok. Should I decant the wort off of the top and store it under clean water for a week. Should I just let it go.

Next question is how should I re-prepare it for pitching. Should I boil and cool some wort the day before and get it active again.

Let me know your thoughts. I have never had this situation come up before and I am still new to the hobby (obsession).

Thanks in advance

You should be fine as is. Just warm it to pitching temperature.

Or, you could prepare a little more wort and add it on Tuesday or Wednesday at room temperature. It should be going strong by Friday

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