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Starter question

I’m doing a saison this weekend with WLP 565 and an OG of about 1.061. Mr Malty says I need 233 billion cells and at 90% viability I need a 3.1 liter simple starter, 2.3 L with O2 at start, and 1.8 L with intermittent shaking. I don’t have a stir plate but I do use O2 and generally shake the starter whenever I think of it when I’m home (about 10 times per day).

My Question:
Do you think the effects of intermittent shaking and O2 are cumulative ? In other words, since I do both could I expect to get to 233 billion something less than 1.8 liters? I was thinking about 1.5 L. Thoughts?

I’d guess that the shaking does little once you’ve hit it with O2.

If I were in your shoes, and wanted to be as accurate as possible, I would just do one or the other. If you can only do a 1.5L starter because of equipment you have, then you could do that and hit it with the O2 as well as shaking as you mentioned and hope you get the additional growth. If I’m seeing it correctly, it appears the shaking is more effective than adding the O2 as far as growth goes, so I’m not sure if you would get the additional growth.

Instead of just hitting it with O2, keep it going and you only need a 1.3L. You can expect additional growth with the hit and shake, but probably not cumulative as you stated.

Thanks guys, a DIY stirplate is my next project!!!

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