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Starter Oops!

Made a 1L WLP 008 starter Sunday and now realize I had brain lock and put 200 g of DME in the thing. It seems to be working fine and I plan to use it today. I am wondering about any ill effects from too strong a starter wort. Any comments?

Edit: WLP 008 not 007

It should work OK, Too bad you couldn’t catch it sooner to up the water… A small start1.030-40 helps to set up the yeast for budding… Too high and the yeast are budding, possibly burning up their nutrients for that too much… Add a teaspoon nutrient to your wort at the end of the boil… Give them buggars a little extra help. Sneezles61

Thanks, will do! I don’t know what I was thinking when I made it up. I made another last night correctly for something else we’re making.

Found this on NB.

For a Target SG = 1.06
I tend to use 3/4 cups DME (1500 ml starter) for a 10 gallon batch.
One WLP001 pack + Starter for 10 gallons. Seems to work well.

Thanks Tom! I’ll check it out. I’m committed at this point to a 5 gallon IPA that should be around 1.063 when I pitch. The starter is a 1L of WLP 008 and actually looks really good at this point. Thanks again!

Edit: WLP 008 not 007

Well, cold crashed it and decanted off the all but 1/4" of the beer in the starter. Looked like about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of sugar eating, beer producing, killer yeast cells when I released them into the fermenter. I added yeast nutrient to the boil per @sneezles61 suggestion. Pretty sure it’ll be beer. :wink: Have another starter on the counter for tomorrow’s rye brew session, Denny’s Favorite 1450.

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Gonna harvest at high krausen? Sneezles61

Alright, pulled my trusted 009 out, put a small starter together just to wake it up… 1 pint of boiled water 1/4 cup DME I put it all together at 6… Now its 7:45… blowing out the locker! Its under a quart to start with …BUT! Sneezles61

So far I’ve used all of every starter I’ve made. Should I split it? I’ve read quite a bit about starters but never any mention of only using part of them besides on here. Man, time to stretch my knowledge base.

Good calculator for over building a starter. At the bottom of the screen is a helpful note on how much of the completed starter to pitch and how much to save for the amount of over build entered. I usually decant some of the spent starter wort so pouring off 400 milliliters into a pint canning jar will be the estimated over build. The rest can be pitched or cold crashed again and further decanted.


Me use nutient about ten min before the end of the boil. But did you use yeast starter calculator. From brewers friend for example. Tells you on how much dme you need to use creating a starter. Just put in the target grav. And how old your yeast. Will be.

I’m not smart enough to use an online calculator… Lately, I’ve been skimming yeast from the top at high krausen… Put it in a stainless steel container (water bottle), about 4 oz… I use those foam stoppers… When I’m going to brew, like last night, I take it out and start ramping it up… Its been working quite well. Not trub, clean. Just like over culturing from the very first yeast you’d get. Sneezles61

Just looked at the beer I made with the 008 and it’s got beautiful krausen. I’m thinking I should get some of that into a jar.

Edit: WLP008 not 007

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Tip for the future: Get a big bag of DME, and pre-measure for 1 liter yeast starters into vacuum seal bags. When you need a starter just grab a bag (or 2) and you’re good to go. No brainwork required to get a starter going; nearly as convenient as Fast Pitch. No resealing DME bags, which even room humidity turns into a sticky mess for me every time. Makes it easy to get a starter going before work.


Here is another good link:

Looks like I was not too far off.
2 pints water (.94 liter) with 1/2 cup DME => 1.04
I was using 1.5 liter with 3/4 cup DME
I dug into this 3 years ago and have not looked at it since.

Key Points
1.) Starter Wort should target SG = 1.04 (You can confirm this with a hydrometer)
2.) You want to keep the yeast in its growth phase vs. fermentation (keeping the alcohol level down)

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