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Starter - LME?

Quick question - I have some liquid malt extract on hand that I plan to use up on some upcoming yeast starters. I don’t want to weigh it out - because it is a mess and harder to work with. What proportion should I use it in for making a starter? I was thinking 4-5 cups water to 1 cup extract.


LME is roughly 37 points per pound in a gallon, so if you want to make a 1.037 starter use a pound in a gallon. It is a simple linear conversion to any other volume. If you are making one half gallons of starter, use about half a pound of LME for 1.037 or scale back a little to get to 1.030. If you don’t want to weigh it out, you will have to just eyeball it for proportion.

Yes - but I would prefer to just deal with a volume - So, if I want a half pound in a half gallon, or a quarter pound in a quart . . … … How many “cups” is that of LME? Just wondering if anyone knows what that might be. I have a 6lb jug of LME, and I really see it being a giant mess on my scale if I am trying to pour it and weigh it, etc.

Plus, I am trying to avoid doing the math myself:)

Just put the 6 pound jug on the scale and pour out a little at a time until you have 5.5 pounds left in the jug.Once you do that record how much you poured out for future use.

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