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Starter Kits: Basic vs Deluxe

I did a search and found nothing, so if a topic already exists, my apologies.

What is the differences between the basic and the deluxe? Is the deluxe worth the extra money? There is an option to add a 2nd carboy with the basic (which is cheaper than buying the carboy + acc extra), so thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance.

Personally, I would have bought the basic kit if I could do it all over again. I bought the Deluxe kit because all of the NB kits recommend secondary fermentation. Unless you plan on adding fruit, I don’t really believe this to be necessary and you will find much debate on the matter. If you think you are going to be brewing quite a bit I would buy the basic and get an extra 6 gallon carboy or fermenting bucket. That way you can use it as secondary AND a primary if you need one. Just my two cents… Let us know if you have any questions!

I decided after weighting the pros and cons to use glass carboys. The basic kit does not give that option including other things to used with the glass carboy. Beer thief to pull wort from carboy to test, siphon to rack the beer, carboy brush, etc.

I went through debating and I was happy with me deluxe kit purchase. If I wasn’t going with glass, I am sure the other kit would be fine. I have never used fermenting buckets though.

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