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Starter kit upgrade

I started with the brew share enjoy kit so I currently have 2 6.5 gallon pales, brew kettle, and test equipment. I just brewed my second 5 gallon extract kit and want to upgrade my set. My initial thoughts are to get a another fermenting bucket, a 5 gallon secondary fermenter, and the temperature control kit but wanted some opinions if that is a smart move or if there are any other recommendations I should look into

Extra fermenter are always good. Not sure what the temperature control kit is but temperature control is important


You may have it already, but having a hydrometer is one of the most important tools for the new brewer … Or any Brewer.


Hydrometer is a must but temperature control is the key to making outstanding beer. There are many simple ways to get some control over temperatures.

Oh boy… short of getting a gain system:
-get a conical fermenter (FastFerment)… that is a ~8 gallon system and being able to remove the trub from the bottom eliminates all secondary fermenters.

  • Swing top bottles… boy once you go from capping to swingtops you wonder why the Neanderthals invented capping.
    … or just keg it in corny kegs… that removes alot of trouble, but adds equipment.

Also… buy everything 2ed hand… Craigslist or FB marketplace, there are a lot of old people wanting to get rid of their stuff at a good price,

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