Starter kit recommendation

Hello again. I wanted to see if anyone recommends a particular ale style that is more forgiving to brew than other styles insofar as covering up possible off flavors. I have seen comments that stouts & porters are easier to brew. As far as IPA’s and pales, I’ve seen mixed comments. I appreciate any advice and comments. PS - I’m looking at extract kits or extract with specialty grain kits.

Honestly, pick a style you like, order the kit, then post on here what you picked up. You’ll get tons of advice. Some of the “tricky” aspects of various styles are easily avoided. For instance, the stouts/porters vs. IPAs/pale ale thing is really just a question of water. Since you’re doing extract, you can just try bottled distilled water to eliminate any problems there.

My recommendation for a simple starting ale would be NB’s American
Amber Ale. @uberculture suggestion to use distilled or the grocery store machine RO water.

I brewed an Irish Red kit for my first batch several years ago. I made several mistakes during the first batch such as using tap water and burning the malt extract in the kettle, yet it turned out to be a really good beer for being my first batch.