Starter Done?

I’m attempting to harvest the yeast from Delirium Tremens and build it up several times. One question on starters - how do you know when they are done? There’s no airlock on it to watch for bubbles. Its been on my stir plate for 2 days slowly stirring, but still has a little bit of foam swirling in the middle. I would have thought it would be done by now. Its at 1500ML, built using 150g of DME.


This is the problem with using dregs from a bottle, it can take forever for them to kick back in. The foam in the middle is prob just O2 from the stir plate. Did you see any other signs of fermentation like a krausen? I know when I make starters I can see bubbles climbing up the side of the flask, any of those?

Btw you’ll have to let me know how your moon man clone turns out. That is my favorite pale ale.

Thanks Loopie. There is a ring of foam/bubbles around the outside of the flask, and that inner circle of foam is pretty thick looking, not like normal bubbles, closer to a krausen. So I’ll just let it go for another day or so. This is the 3rd build up so I’m surprised its taking so long (I did a 500ML, 1000ML, and now a 1500ML). I didn’t pay this much attention to the other 2 starters so I’m not sure what happened. I did taste the 1000ML one after 2 days and wow was that horrid. (this is my first crack at harvesting from a bottle, here’s hoping the yeast is not just a bottling yeast!)

As for the Moon Man - that turned out awesome. Didn’t get a chance to do a side by side, but it was nice a clear and tasted spectacular, I really liked those New Zealand hops, very different. I’ll be making it again in a month or so for summer.

Yeah that is another issue when harvesting yeast. It might be just a bottling yeast and not the actual yeast they use to ferment. Good luck with your harvest!

If you do a blind tasting you’ll have to let me know. Maybe I could borrow the Man Moon Clone? It sucks living all the way in OH and Moon Man being a fav…