Starter blow off

I’m planning to brew 12 gallons of IPA Friday and only had a pretty old slurry of 1272 in the fridge. When I checked brewer’sfriend yeast starter calculator said it would work if I did a 3 stage starter. So I did a 2L, 2L and finally 2.5L in my 1 gallon jug. Within 12 hours the last stage was pushing the tin foil cap off and krauesen was everywhere. I cleaned up the outside of the jug but what I didn’t notice under the tin foil cap was a chunk of krauesen that stayed in the neck when it receded and has now dried in there. I noticed it when I went to cold crash the starter last night.

Does anyone think it’s an issue pouring over/through that gunky neck? I can go the LHBS and get a few new smack packs but I’d hate to waste all this yeast I cultured.

I think you will be okay. The deposit was placed in the neck of the jug on the way out. The dried krausen should be just as clean as the yeast and wort remaining inside the jug.

I agree, anytime I reharvest yeast, it’s poured through dried krausen on the carboy neck.

Both very good points.

I was leaning towards pitching it as planned.

Thanks for the reassurance guys!