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Starter Activity

Generally use Wyeast, but bought some Whitelabs because we got a new HB store in our small town and want to support it. Made two starters about 48 hours ago - both lager yeasts WL 800 and 830. Had them sitting at about 60 degrees, 1 gallon glass jugs, foil on top, swirl them every couple hours or whenever I walk by. Not really seeing any “activity.” Both vials of yeast had “use by” dates of Dec. 25th or so.

From what I have read, seems that this is not necessarily “abnormal.” However, it is always a little more reassuring to see some evidence of fermentation/yeast activity. I was planning on brewing two batches of beer tomorrow. Do you think I have anything to worry about? I don’t want to take an entire day to brew, use up a bunch of grain, hops, etc and then dump a jug of inactive yeast on my beers. I was thinking about putting one of the two jugs in the fridge overnight to see what would fall out of suspension - and then assume that that if there was a good layer of yeast in that jug, the other would be fine as well.


What is the fermentation temp on the yeast you are using? I would think that would be the temp you would want. 60 degrees may be too low based on the yeast packs i keep seeing…i’m newbie though.

They are both Lager yeasts, so 40’s/50’s for ferm. temps. Figured that 60 would actually be a little warmer to get things going.

I’ve had yeast take 3 days to show signs of life. Leave them out and let them do their thing.

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