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Starsan shelf life

Does Starsan have a shelf life or a best buy date? I have a couple of bottles that have been around for a number of years and I am hoping they’re still good…

I think they’re good. as long as they are unopened. You could test the Ph of it once you’ve got it mixed to ease your mind, but I’m pretty sure it’s ok.

I have a qt. bottle of star san that I opened in sept. of 2008 and I used a very small amount of it that year. Then in the spring of 2009 was when I went through my lung cancer surgery then chemo and I quit brewing for a long time. I have started brewing again and it is working fine. I mixed a batch today when I brewed. When I mixed it I checked the ph and it was fine. If I were you I would use it.
It was stored in a tote along with some other brewing thing in a controlled temp. and in the dark.

Good Luck,

That’s what I was hoping to here. I have a 32 oz bottle that’s never been opened that I’ve kept in the basement. I’d really have hated to toss it.


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