Star Wars brew day

Star Wars brew day

Next brew day just so happens to be Star Wars day May 4.

Here is my split batch plan for that brew day.
What are you brewing?

15# pale 2 row malt
4# Vienna malt
1.5# honey malt
1# carapils
.5# victory malt
1 accumash

1 oz millennium @60

spilt at 0

Bespin Blonde ale

Millennium falcon ipa
2oz falconer’s flight hop stand 25 min or til other is cool

dry hop 1oz falconer’s flight

“It’s A Trappe” would be a nice Belgian to brew that day.


Just make an Imperial Stout, or

“Force Awakens” could be a name for a breakfast stout.

Maybe “Return of the Jed-IPA”