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Star San Use

At 5 Star’s site they give instructions for use even specific ones for home-brewing.
They say to let it air dry. I never do this. Do You? Any thoughts?
Here is the link: … ch-HB2.pdf

If you don’t let it air dry… what do you do?

I think he means that he uses what has been Star Saned while it’s still wet like I do most of the time.

I heard a podcast about a year ago with the guy who developed this stuff. Most of what is printed on the label was required by either EPA or FDA can’t rember which. One thing I remember him saying was contact time required was 30 seconds, but by law they were required to print (if memory serves) 2 min. But he said equip would be ready to use immediately after 30 sec. Contact time. So I wonder if them stating the product needs to be dry before use is a legal thing.

Yes that’s what I do and hasn’t caused a problem yet but wondered if I had just been lucky.

What ever I sanitize with Starsan I use wet. If I sanitize a carboy or keg, I usually have 1.5 - 3 gallons made up. I fill them with how ever much I have on hand, roll them on a carpet covered floor for a few minutes to cover the entire inside then just before filling them I dump out the Starsan, let them drain for a few minutes then fill them. I learned not to fear the foam. With the racking tube laying on the bottom of the vessel, the wort or beer will push out most of the foam. What remains will not effect the flavor of the beer.

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