Star San Question/No ph tests yet

I just started using Star San this weekend and made a 5 gallon batch following the directions. I ordered ph test stips but they haven’t arrived yet. I have read that you need a ph of under 3 to be effective for sanitizing, but with no test strips I am SOL for now. I have the mix in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, sealed, but I wouldn’t say air tight.

Should I be OK to continue to use this mix through this weekend?

You’re fine. I keep starsan for months sometimes. Also, there’s really no need to make 5 gallons at a time if you don’t want to. You don’t need to fill a fermenter to sanitize it, just swish it around.


For myself I make 1 gallon. Brewing 5 gallon batches.

When I brew with a friend and do 10g batches, we make 2 gallons. We need to sanitize 15g conicals. So a little more is needed.

Thanks Nate & Nighthawk. That was good to hear. One of my first lessons on the board was to limit the sanitizer I was making when I was using Iodophor. When I made my first batch of Star San, I figured I was making too much…and then I flipped out and feared the foam, with many good laughs I am sure on the board as I was going nuts. I appreciate you reiterating the same with Star San.

It will probably take some time till I get used to the foam but all the advice helps.

I make 5 gallons at a time using RO water and it keeps fine for up to 2 months. I like having a big bucket full to toss hoses, racking canes, bottles, gallon jugs, flasks etc in and to easily fill up carboys and kegs.