Star San is schmuzzing up my lines

I’ve been mixing up Star-San using RO water, and I’m finding lots of schmuzz building up in my lines. This happens even with new lines.

I’m buying RO at Walmart, and I haven’t had it tested. I suppose I could go with distilled water, and see if that makes a difference. Have any of you had this problem? What’s the solution? A thorough soak with BLC got rid of most of it, but now it’s coming back. I haven’t had any issues with infection (yet) but I don’t want to keep replacing my hoses every couple months.


I’ve noticed a “sliminess” to hoses if I let them sit in Starsan for an extended period.

I don’t do that anymore.


When I need to use a hose I rinse it with water to get any dust out of it. Quick dunk in Starsan. Use. Rinse with hot water. Allow to drain dry.

Building up in which lines? And why do you think it’s StarSan?

I’m seeing it in my autosiphon hose. Also in the cobra tap bottling-from-the-keg line. And in my jumper cable too. I think it’s coming from Star-San foam drying on the walls of the tubing. Maybe I am letting it sit too long, although I typically just pump some through before and after use.

If you leave tubing sit in star san a long time (hours) it can get slimy, … dissolving the tubing maybe. I have had that happen when I forgot tubing that I was sanitizing.

Or, perhaps if you are mixing too strong.

Can’t believe you would have a problem with a quick soak (minutes) though.