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Star San ate through my jug

In retrospect, I should have moved it to glass, but my gallon of Star San in the distilled water jug started leaking. Destroyed the fiberboard shelf (however will I replace that) it was on in my basement. Well, at least this bonehead move didn’t ruin any beer.

I was always curious about this. Maybe it’s only certain plastics. After all, the concentrated star san comes in a plastic bottle and that never seems to eat though.

I’m sure it is. I still have the jug and can post the recycle code when I’m home if you want it.

This is interesting… never heard of it. In addition to an old bucket fermenter I store it in a spray bottle. I have stored some in the same bottle for 5-6 years with no problems.

Took several months, and it only just started leaking.

I always use distilled water jugs for my Starsan solution. The only time I had a leak was from setting the jug down to hard on one of its corners. The plastic is not very durable. Vinegar jugs are made to last, with abuse.

Handled it with care. Can’t really explain it. Had been fine for months, the boom. Going to get a glass gallon jug for my future batches.

Water jugs aren’t hdpe. Buckets work fine.

Been using the same PET jug to store Star San for a couple years now. The bottom is very slowly wearing due to sliding across a tiled floor (my storage location) but no problems that I can see caused by the Star San.

I suspect another reason for your jug leak. Star San in its diluted form is very mild. I manage a large garden and we are experimenting with Star San on the tomatoes and cucumber plants to control mold and fungus.

I’ll chime in that I’ve also had Star San eat through a water jug. It took several months, though.
I try to remember to swap out jugs every once in a while.

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