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Standard size nipples?

I just received my new Perlick 525ss faucet/shanks combos in preparation for my keezer build. I got the 4-1/8" shanks with attached 3/16 nipples and I’m wondering if those nipples are “standard size” or not? They look a tad small to me but this is unfamiliar to me as I’ve been rocking the cobra taps for the past year. Also any suggestions on beer line length? I used 5 ft on my cobra set up and that seemed to work great but the tap setup may be different.

Any feedback or suggestions is greatly appreciated. So excited to get this keezer built now…Heady Topper clone and Stone Ruination clone are chugging away as we speak and shall be the first 2 brews on tap.


So we’re talking Angelina Jolie as opposed to Tara Reid?

Read this link I think it will answer your question.


I’d argue that the 3/16 are just fine. I have 4 of them.

SkyHigh likes 'em big
SkyHigh likes 'em small
SkyHigh likes 'em all!

:cheers: to nipples

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