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Stalled Zeks

I brewed 13 gallons of John Palmer’s Zeks porter. The first two carboys went to 1.014 from 1.110. The last stalled at 1.038. I used Wyeast 2206.
Can I dump another Wyeast 2206 into the carboy and bring that baby down to at least 1.020? Or what yeast is recommended?

Sincerely Foam

You might try krausening it, as opposed to just dumping likely dormant yeast into it:

I would grab about 1-2 liters of slurry (give it a quick rinse if you know how to minimize trub…though some might argue this doesnt even matter).

Then make about a quart starter with some DME, to about 1.035.

Pitch the slurry into the starter (I wouldn’t use a stir plate, but oxygenate the starter before pitching), and let it get going.

Then dump the whole thing into the stalled Zeks. Some purists might argue that you are mixing in ‘bad’ starter beer with your porter, but it is a far better option than simply pitching more yeast from what I gather.

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