Stalled Fermentation?

I brewed a Northern Brewer bourbon barrel porter this weekend. Brewing went ok. I did for the first time, rehydrate the yeast in warm sterilized water. But when I went to pitch it, my wort was still to warm (90+) So I had to wait about 5 hours before I was able to pitch it. It was a dumb mistake on my part not getting the temp down before fixing the yeast. I did however keep the yeast covered. Within in 8 hours of pitching the yeast, fermentation kicked off real good. It was bubbling like mad for about 24 hours. But then it just stopped. No slowing of bubbles, just stopped. There still seems to be a little happening, because the lid of the fermenter bows up a little. The yeast was probably 6 months old from when I purchased it. However I did keep in in the refrigerator.

I have no clue as to why it has stopped. I cant imagine that it did all it was supposed to in that short amount of time. The beer is high gravity and I wonder if it was too high for the yeast. But it is what Northern brewer recommended. And temperature wise it is about where it should be. I do have a blanket around it to try and up the temp a little.

Do you have any clues what might be going on. I am tempted to just let it sit for several days and then take a hydrometer reading. And see if it is down near final gravity.

Thanks for the help. Mike

I’m assuming you’re fermenting in a bucket. If so, it’s likely that your lid is not sealed well around the edges. When your wort was fermenting most actively, there was enough CO2 produced to make the fermentation lock bubble even with the leakage around the lid. Once fermentation slowed, however, the leak around the lid was enough to let all the CO2 out, therefore no bubbles in the fermentation lock. Oftentimes, yeasts commonly used for porters and stouts exhibit a very active fermentation for the first day or so, then settle down into a considerably slower rate for the duration.

I doubt that anything is wrong. I would give your beer a total of at least a week to ten days, then check the gravity.

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Bubbles are not a great indicator of fermentation. There are several reasons why you do or don’t see bubbles. Taking a gravity reading is the only way to know for sure. At the temp you pitched the yeast (WAAAYYY too high!), fermentation will go very quickly. It’s entirely likely that it’s done, not stuck. Only a gravity reading will tell you for certain.

I didn’t notice the pitching temp. Wow! I’d say it’s probably done.

That was my thought except he said it was at 90 when he was ready to pitch, but apparently waited till it cooled.

My question would be what was the temp when pitched, and what temp was the beer at during fermentation. Probably too warm on both counts, though, as it does sound like things happened fast.

Denny’s right. Gravity reading.



Everyone above is correct of course, but… if the lid is bulging you might have a clogged airlock with pressure building about to blow the lid off. Check that first before you do anything else. Like right now.
edit- oops just noticed that you posted yesterday. Hope she didn’t blow.

Open it and take a peak, that’s what I do. Why is every one afraid to look in their bucket it’s not going to hurt anything