Stalled fermentaion

So I brewed an all grain Pilsner and the OG was 1.051 (a tad higher than planed). After fermenting in the primary for two weeks I moved to the secondary and after a week it is stalled at 1.025. I am using Wyeast #2278 Czech Pils. Any suggestions?

You should only transfer if fermentation is complete. Doing so too early results in exactly this… A stalled fermentation. Try buying another yeast pack. Make a starter and pitch it at high krausen. About the only way to get a stalled fermentation going again.

I would agree with @loopie_beer except that it should have been lower than 1.025 after 2 weeks on the yeast cake.

I’ve never used that yeast but that seems like very poor attenuation. What kind of starter did you make? What temperature were you fermenting at?

What was your grist bill beside pilsen malt? What was your mash temperature?

You have been a member of the forum for a while, but did you switch to using a refractometer for SG measurements?