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Stale Pint

Very strange thing happened tonight… I poured a pint of a red ale that I had kegged on 8/7, and it tasted stale. It was so bad that I couldn’t drink it. The second pint was just fine. Any idea why it could be staling?

I have it in the fridge at 45 with a picnic tap that’s kept in the fridge. I drank it last on Monday, so it sat for about 72 hours. It just seems a little strange.

How often do you clean the plastic faucet and tubing?

This is the first time I used this one. Washed with Star San, ran a pint through it at the beginning. I slept on it (figuratively not literally) and I was thinking, the tubing is food safe, but it is thin, could oxygen be permeating through the vinyl tubing?

Link to tubing

Don’t have an answer for you, but I know I always pour off about 2oz as a libation offering to the Gods before my first pint of the day. Tends to keep away the evil spirits round my place.

Just a knee jerk reaction - 45 degrees and a picnic tap!! Yuk.

Way too warm and there is O2 in there. It probably is stale and non carbed as well.


Seems like when I don’t, that first pint taste a little funny.

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