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Stale beer in stadiums

The article says what s to become of all the beer stuck in stadiums because it will go bad. Why would it go bad? Even tapped kegs shouldn’t go bad and bottles should be fine.

Beer still has a shelf life. Hops fade, malt fades, freshness fades.

Son works at a place that sells beer. Their reps have to replace it if it doesn’t sell by a certain date. He was just thinking/wondering about it yesterday. With the shutdown there’s going to be a bunch of it.

My issue with beer on tap has been with the lines and a possibility of over carb. If it sits too long ,in todays world, over carb and beer sitting in lines without movement.

We’re talking about bud light. What hops


Apparently the reps will even get audited by people checking the dates on the cans.

I thought the $10 beer I had at the stadium was supposed to taste stale


Distill it into wiskey

When a problem is not a problem

Except distilling from a small beer. But haven’t the Scottish already capitalized on that?

Well you may have to use more but if it’s cheaper than making your own mash why not. If it’s not good for good wiskey how about sanitizer. Got to think outside the box. I think we may see alot of innovation because of this pandemic lockdown. Could be a good thing.


We decided to make our own hand sanitizer since there wasn’t any available but couldn’t find aloe but we did have rubbing alcohol. So I dug out an old spray bottle of sunburn relief that was already part alcohol and aloe then just juiced it up with rubbing alcohol.

Stadium wise, the Carrier dome at Syracuse university used to sell what everyone called “dome beers”. It was Miller I think that the poured ahead of time and covered the plastic cup with some kind of shrink plastic. So what you got was a warm flat beer for your $7 or so. Now they have many craft beers, some local favorites. They do pour them in a plastic cup of course. They are in the process of replacing the inflatable dome roof with a solid one right now. I guess it will be dome shaped so it will still be “the dome”.

I’d drink warm flat beer and eat a rubbery hot dog all day long if this virus disappears and I could watch a game. . At least for a couple weeks.


You are brave Brew Cat… I will not drink flat beer, with a deer or even a spear… And eat rubbery dogs, sitting on a log even in a fog… I’ll watch from home, call it a dome, sitting next to a gnome… Swilling home brew, with out a crew… even in the dew!!


You’re a regular Dr Beer Seuss!! :joy:


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hand sanitizer!!

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