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Stainless Steel -first time conditioning

I just got a larger brew kettle as my son seems to like the NEIPA’s and we have to do 6 gal batches to end up with 5 in the keg after all the hops. And ya I am liking these NEIPA’s as well.

I always follow the instructions with the SS brewtech gear about “conditioning” with starsan before use but I must admit I don’t really understand all that is behind it. Can anyone explain in laymen’s terms why this is so important?



I’ve not followed any “pre-use conditioning” to any of mine and they all seems very nice yet… I do wash real well, to remove any manufacturing oils/residue… Then, into service… Sneezles61

Thanks sneezes ! That’s what I was hoping to hear. I will def wash the heck out of it before using.

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I was under the impression that aluminum pots needed to be conditioned by simply cleaning well the boiling some water it them. I have had many SS over the years and like @sneezles61 never did anything other than clean them and get brewing.

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Passivization of new stainless steel tanks is standard practice in the brewing world. The acid helps remove any iron particles leftover from manufacturing, and creates an oxide layer on the surface, which enhances it’s corrosion resistance.

I’ve used Barkeeper’s Friend, as well as a strong solution of Star San. Nitric or Citric acid are more commonly used in commercial applications.

Thanks Voltron, sounds like I should suck it up and do it. It’s a new 15gal kettle so what’s a little star San …I have done it in the past but was curious if it really accomplished anything.

Aw shoot… I only splashed wort down the sides… Just clowning… Sneezles61

Really, these should come from the factory with some passivation already completed, but I suppose this is their way of ensuring you get all the manufacturing residue removed.

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