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Stainless Hop Basket?

I recently bled out a 20 lb cylinder of CO2 that was pretty freshly filled when I put a piece of dental floss through the keg lid to hold a bag of dry hops. So, I’m considering this stainless hop basket for dry hopping in the keg.

I know @kcbeersnob and a few others have posted positively about them. I’m curious about the volume of hops they’ll hold. I use only pellet hops and my biggest DH is probably 3 oz of pellets. Should I get the 18" one?

I’ve never noticed any ill effects from leaving my DH hops in the keg until it kicks so I’m thinking I’ll just drop the basket in and leave it for the duration as well. If I do that I see no nead for anchoring it to the keg lid. Anyone with experience and an opinion please chime in.


Following… I’m fresh to kegging, and picked up a couple of those giant tea balls. Breaking them in this week, but I’d there’s something better, I’m all ears.

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Can you post a link to the giant tea balls? Have you used them?

I am using them this week as I keg an IPA. They are legitimately huge… I will have to put the tops on inside the keg opening. I’m a bit concerned about some of the reviews mentioning early rusting, but they are cheap enough for me to give them a go.

Looks similar to what i got from utah biodiesel…without hanging it on the lid i got plenty of hop matter in my pours with just leaving it sit in the keg…pellet hops btw.

In my own opinion, I’m thinking about the theory of hops and they’re surface contact with the beer. Too small of a bag, screen, tube, ball… etc: you limit the surface are of the hops and it’s contact with beer. Too large of a bag, screen, tube, ball… etc: well, can’t think of a reason why too much surface area is a bad thing especially when it’s going to be filtered.

I use the 18 inch tube and I put up to 3 oz of pellets in there, but I haven’t tried more. I only use 3 oz max to dry hop a 5 gal keg. It looks like MAYBE another oz will fit comfortably with still enough room for surface contact.

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I use the tea balls. I found that if you fill them full, the brew doesn’t get to the center, as the hops swell up and form a compact ball. About half full and it does a good job. I haven’t put more than 1/2 oz, there about, into the keg, and it does add to the aroma, wee bit of flavor.I would get that gizmo. Sneezles61

@dannyboy58 they make keg lids with a welded tab for hanging these. If you search some of the online vendors you will find them on sale.

@dannyboy58 Just curious, with your prior attempt, did you use a generous amount of keg lube? If not, I wonder if that would make a difference with the floss…

I did…and I’ve used the same process many times with no issue. I think the lid o ring in this case was a silicone one. I’m about to DH a keg right now and will use the bag and dental floss combo on it. I’ll just keep a close eye on it for a couple days to be sure.

How much hops can you get in there?

I agree compleetely with regard to exposing the hops to the beer as liberally as possible. That’s why I asked about volume. 3 oz is pretty much max for me too. If I wanted more I’d do a second round of DH I think.

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300 micron screen? You get hop matter for the life of the keg? It never settles down?

I was curious about this too. I get a little on the first few pours with my paint strainer bags but after a while they’re crystal clear.

Yes 300 micron…got through 1.5 gallons and dumped it.

because of the hop matter?

Yeah and then I threw the damn dry hopper away…which in hindsight would have been great for dry hopping in the bigger mouth fermenters I use now :grinning: I love hops…I just don’t want to see them in my beer :grinning:

Do you hang yours from the lid or just drop them in?

Do you get any hop matter or cloudiness in the pour like @uncdeo?

I just drop it in. It usually takes a couple pints before it starts running clear. I’ll put the hops in the tube and while it’s still dry, I’ll tap the tube on the counter to get some of the really fine stuff on the outer edges out. The other thing is, I usually take mine out after a couple weeks. I’m afraid that my beer will take on grassy or earthy flavors after too long.

but it does clear while the basket is still in there? How do you get it out if it’s on the bottom? I’ve left bags of hops in the keg until it kicks many times with no issue.

It doesn’t run as clear as not having it. I mean to get the fresh hop flavor you would want from dry hops, you literally are drinking hop resin… you just hope you can’t see it… hahaha. When I take it out, I get fishing line and a large fishing hook, sanitize it and snag it. I’ve tried floss and line and other strings, but I can never get a good seal.
But to expand on your original question, my beer does run clearer when the dry hops are not in my keg, but I wouldn’t say that it runs dirty when they’re in there. I’m definitely not pouring leaf particles into my beer that’s for sure.

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