St. Patrick Day brews

Figured it was safe since we’re only about 8wks out.
I’m looking to brew a Dry Irish Stout on nitro and BYO’s clone of Rogue’s St. Red Ale (non-dry hopped).

What’s everyone else looking at???

I have been wanting to do a dry Irish stout with a hint of mint for awhile now. I think the two could go well together. I forgot about it till this post; ill have to order some supply’s when I get home!

I have an experimental batch I am trying - Kind of an irish version of bourbon barrel porter. Made an Irish Red Ale that has been frementing a couple weeks. Later this week I will add about 12 ounces of Jameson Whiskey and a 3 ounce pack of Medium Roast Oak Cubes for 2-4 weeks of secondary.

Not sure how it will turn out, but we will see…

I have a Rye Stout a week in the fermentor and Dry Irish Stout will follow shortly just in time for St. Paddy’s Day!

We just polished off a batch of Stout, so last night we decided on a CDA.

Hadn’t thought about St. Patty’s, but I’ve got a cream stout on the agenda that will be ready by then.

I just recently made an ale using MO & Munich & Carapils & C40. I used WLP004 Irish. What a truly great slightly sweet beer. Frothy and smooth. I’ll post the recipe. Not a stout but perfect for St Pattys

I’ve got an Irish Red Ale extract in the primary and plan to start a dry stout extract as soon as I rack the ale to secondary. I think I may have over complicated the ale which was my first batch so I’ll stick to the recipe on the stout and hopefully have at least one good homebrew for St Patty’s