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My son borrowed a extra co2 system I have for a party he was having. He had bought a 1/2 barrel from a large grocery store chain in St. Louis for his party. When he brought my setup back, he also brought the empty 1/2 barrel back. I ask him why he didn’t take the 1/2 barrel back and get his deposit back. He told me he took it back and they wouldn’t give his deposit back because the plastic seal that was attached to the keg was broke off. He told me that there is a law in St. Louis city, county, or state? that puts this plastic seal on a keg before it is sold, and when the keg is returned the seal has to be still attached to the keg. He said the seal got broke off when he was putting it in his truck to take it back. He took the seal with him to the store and they told him they couldn’t give him his deposit back because the seal was missing. He showed them the seal, but they told him that it had to be connected to the keg so they couldn’t give him the deposit back. My question is, anyone know of such a law?

Is it a state or local tax seal, or a you got it at this grocery store seal?

I suppose its to make sure you’re not exchanging a who knows how old keg for a new one.

The thing I find odd is that generally you buy the beer, but the brewery retains ownership of the actual keg. The keg costs way more than the deposit. They probably should have taken the keg, and not returned the deposit, if there really is some law/policy that is.

Jazzman, check this out:
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