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Spruce tip black IPA?

I recently brewed a black IPA and I have a bag a sitka spruce tips I picked in the spring and froze. Would it be a good idea to put spruce tips in the secondary and how much should i put in. I dont know if they would even be good to use any more since they have been frozen since June of this year. Any thoughts?

I’ve had a couple of spruce beers recently, one had a nice flavor and the other I couldn’t tell if it had spruce or not. I’d say they would compliment a black IPA profile quite nicely, I would give it a go. Dump them all in and check the flavor after a few days, when you get where you want to be then rack. If they don’t lend anything, then nothing harmed. I would think the oils would not be harmed by freezing.

Sounds good ill Dump them in. The brew calls for cascade hops five days before bottling should i put the spruce tips in then or go ahead and do it now 2 weeks from bottling?

It would probably be good to add them five days before bottling, and maybe add some of the Cascades at the same time.

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