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So I went to my local Local HBS, and I was looking for some light DME for the making a yeast starter. I saw the lightest I could find, went to the check-out, paid for it. While i’m looking at it at home, I noticed I didn’t purchase DME, instead I bought extra light SprayMalt. The question is, can I use SprayMalt to make a yeast start? Thanks!

Not familiar with the product but I believe it is processed more than DME therefore more akin to sugar. I guess you can use it but I believe you would use less than DME because it is more concentrated.

It’s just DME. Trade name because it uses a spray drier, but I think that’s actually pretty common when making DME. Use it like any other dried malt extract.


I believe this is how they process LME to DME. IIRC it helps with uniform color whereas continued boiling would darken the extract.

Excellent feedback. Thanks everybody. I’ll just treat it the same way as dme when I make my starter. Thanks again!!

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Haven’t heard it called that in a long time. Yes, it’s the same stuff.

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