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Spots on fermenting beer

I brewed a batch of Dry Dock SS Minow Mild last weekend, and after the primary fermentation stopped and the krauzen fell into the beer, there’s been a layer of tan/brown spotting on the surface in the fermenter. This is only my third batch, so I have no idea if this is bad or if it’s normal. I’ve included a link to a really crappy photo to show what’s happening. You can hardly see through the condensation inside the carboy, but the color and spots are visible. If anyone knows what’s going on, I’d love to hear what you have to say. I’m hoping my beer hasn’t been skunked by bacteria. ... /lightbox/


I should have been clearer… The spots are on the surface of the beer in the fermenter, not on the glass.

I can make out remaining krausen and yeast and cannot readily identify any molds or pecticles of any sort. But this is a less than 10% confidence guess as that photo will simply not do.

Here’s a better picture taken from above the surface. ... /lightbox/

That’s mucho better. I think it looks clean boss, I recognize good clean white yeast residuals and the brown looks to me like typical krausen protein just remaining on top.

looks good to me. fermentation can make all kinds of gunky lookin’ stuff (krausen). nothing to worry about

Awesome! Thanks guys.

Yeah looks just fine. Nothing to worry about.

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