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Spontaneous Fermentation and Temp

So I got some fresh pressed cider, and figured I’d give the spontaneous fermentation a go. I have two growlers and a gallon carboy. The carboy and one of the growlers are going nicely, the other growler looks like it’s going, but not nearly as much as the other two.

Everything I’ve read says to keep the temp around 60-70, and I guess that makes sense if things get going at that temp you don’t want to retard the yeasts processes and cool them down. However, I keep my jugs in my mudroom which is between 40-50 degrees.

Are there any problems associated with fermentation at low temps like this with wild yeast? Should I bring them into the house where it’s 60 degrees? Or just let them do their thing? Any use warming them up after the 40-50 degree yeast tap out?

I have a spontaneous ferment going right now in my refrigerator at 43 F. It is fermenting very vigorously, and I tasted it yesterday and it is delicious. So… why mess with a good thing? I am just going to leave it there. The cider experts will tell you that “low and slow is the way to go”. So this seems perfect to me. If you have good fermentation in the 40s, just leave it there! Your patience will most likely be very pleasantly rewarded.

That was my thinking, I just wasn’t sure if a colder fermentation process favored undesirable yeasts. Thanks for the input. So far they’re pretty tasty…

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