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Splitting up vial of yeast

I have a vial of WLP013. I’d like to use it for 3 batches this week. My plan was to make a starter with it, larger then I need for the 1st batch. Use half (or more) for the first batch, then pitch the remaining half into another starter a couple days later and use that for two more batches.
The beers I’m brewing are all around 1.055 OG.

I don’t see any problems with this, it’s just like reusing yeast like I normally do, but I want to see if I’m missing anything. I’ll run everything through Mr Malty to get yeast quantities close.

Should this work?

If you do it right I don’t see why not. Does the vessel you make starters in have units of measurement so you can tell how much you’re adding?

No measurements on the vessel, so I have to measure as I’m adding the liquid in.

You could make a two-gallon starter and divide the resulting cake into four equal parts - three for the beers you’re making and keep one for the next round.

I do this all the time with split batches. Just make sure the slurry is dissolved well so you’re not getting weird starter beer in one fermenter and an s-load of yeast in the other.

Depending on the timing of your brewing, you could also make a starter for your first batch and then pull the krausen off the first batch for the second and third batches. You get some really nice, healthy yeast this way.

Someone else can chime in about the habits of wlp013 and the amount of krausen produced. I’ve never used it.

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