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Splitting batches

Well this brewing thing has taken off. And thanks to the advice from my friends on this forum I have been making some pretty good beer. I can’t keep enough around so I want to step it up. I do five gallon batches now and I was going to move to ten gallon batches but first I wanted to maybe do split batches. I have two pots capable of five+ gallon boils and was thinking of blending my wort and then doing two different boils. My mash tun is large enough if I batch sparge. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks again.

look up Parti-Gyle brewing . I’m going to try this for my next batch myself.

Yes, parti-gyle is a good way to go. Use the first runnings from the MT for one kettle, then add the sparge and drain to the second kettle, giving you a IIPA in one and an APA in the other (as one example). Or you can exchange a gallon or so between the kettles to add a little more oomph to the weaker wort (this is my favorite way to do it),

That is what I was thinking. Maybe 2/3 first run in one pot 1/3 in the other. I like my beer between 5% and 7%. I will look up party gyle. Wondering if there is a calculator

I’ve never seen a calculator, but I’ve done a lot of partigyles and have used the average sugar % I get from equal runnings to calculate the strength. On my system, 76% of the sugar is extracted on the first runnings, and the remainder from the second. I’ve also read that another way to look at it is half the sugar is extracted in the first 1/3 of the runnings, and the remaining half in the last 2/3rds. So if you wanted to brew a barley wine and a pale ale, you could do 5 gallons of the first and 10 gallons of the second and it would come out about right.

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