Splitting a 5 gallon kit into gallon fermentors

I want to split a 5 gallon extract kit into five 1 gallon fermentors. Reason being I want to experiment. Do the 1 gallon fermentors require a blow off tube? What would be the best way to distribute the yeast? If I used the same dry yeast in all of them would I rehydrate a packet and split the slurry into each fermentor? How about if I wanted to use different yeast? Maybe liquid?

Experimenting is one of the things homebrewing is about…go for it and post us back your findings!..Tank :cheers:

You might skip re-hydrating the yeast, and just direct pitch the dry yeast evenly. It would be easier to measure this way, and other than a little longer lag time it should be fine.

Are you experimenting with ferm temps, or adding various flavorings, or different yeast(s)??

You will need blow off tubes for a few days of the fermentation.

I plan on doing the same thing but using the gallon jugs as the secondary. Don’t have to bother with 5 blow off tubes or dividing the yeast.

I want to make a jalapeno beer next summer with peppers from my garden. I also want to try different types of yeast. My go to yeast is US-05 but I would like to see how different strains taste while using the same ingredients. I want to experiment but limit the amount of beer in case its bad or something I get tired of quick. Also 5 gallon kits are double the price of the 1 gallon kits but make 5 times the amount. If its something I can do in a secondary I will just ferment in a bucket and divide it. Maybe a 3 gallon carboy and 2 - 1 gallon jugs or 5 - 1 gallon jugs depending on how much I want to experiment.