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Splitting 5 gal Cream Ale batch into 1 gal batches

Ok, so me and my wife were going to create some test batches this weekend by taking a 5 gallon cream ale extract batch and splitting it up into separate 1 gallon batches.

The reason for this is that we wanted to experiment with different additives such as raspberry, strawberry, honey, etc., to see what we liked the best. I didn’t want to waste an entire 5 gallon batch on something that we weren’t big fans of.

From what I’ve read, adding fruits and such is best done during the secondary. Now being that we’re going to divide this into 1 gallon batches using 1 gallon carboys, will I have enough space for both the beer and fruit? Or will I run into space issues?

You will run into space issues. May want to scale them back to .75 gallon batches and formulate this way.

Or get another one gallon carboy and split it into six less-than-one-gallon batches…

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