Split Yeast Starter

I’m planning on brewing two 5 gallon beers on Friday. One is around 1.050 and the other around 1.070 OG. I have one pack of yeast and I’m trying to decide if I should make one starter now and split it on brew day. Or try to split what is in the yeast pack and make two starters. It might not matter but figured I’d ask.

The easiest way would be to brew one starter since you have one pack of yeast,
It’ll be good sized, mr malty says ~1 gallon on a stirplate, otherwise ~2.25 gallons.

IMO you are behind schedule making a starting on Wednesday for a Friday brew day.

Yeah, there is that too.
Even looking at this optimistically, there is just no way, from one pack, in 2 days.
I was fudging those numbers from a pack that theoretically was made yesterday.
If it’s a month old you’ll need like a 4 gallon starter.