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Split yeast cake question?

I have a califonia common on wyeast 2112 California common. It’s OG was 1.047. So should be some healthy yeast to pitch on top of.

But if I split it equally, would I get a good pitch rate for the following two beers. My girlfriend wants the biere de garde, I want to do the baltic porter.

Biere De Garde: OG 1.063
Baltic Porter: OG 1.070

Or should I just pick on of them?

I can’t speak to the yeast strain and beer styles working together but you will definitely have enough yeast for both of those beers if you split the cake.


They all three call for 2112 from northern brewer website. That is how I found them, looked up wyeast 2112 and they the other two recipes.

Nice. excited. Two styles that I don’t know too much about. And I have time to cellar them for spring and the biere de garde will be ready to go for my girlfriends birthday mid april.

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