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Split Brew Day for Split Batch

I got some Mosaic and Galaxy hops recently, and wanted to see for myself what the hoopla was about. I decided to brew a 6gal batch of an APA style and split it into 3gal for each hop. Plus I’ve been busy lately so I fit this into my schedule as follows.

On Sunday morning I mashed 10lb of Munton’s Tipple pale ale malt with 1lb of Fawcett crystal 60L. Ran off and sparged, then took off for the day. When I got home in the evening I boiled the wort for 30min with about 50IBU’s worth of Herkules for bittering, figured there was no reason to waste good finishing hops on bittering. When it was done I turned off the gas, covered the pot and let it sit on the burner overnight. Next day after work I split the wort between two 5gal kettles, leaving the trub behind. Wort was nice and clear and had a great malt aroma. I do loves my British malts. I brought each kettle to a boil, boiled for 20min then added my late additions, 1oz at 10min and 1oz at FO. Chilled in the sink, poured into fermentors and pitched US05 the next morning after things cooled to ferm temp.

Looking forward to trying these new hop varieties, and I thought the broken-up process went very well. I might just do this again.

Feel free to describe your ways to split a batch and/or splitting up the brew day.

Wow. I’ve never stretched a brew session over 2 days. Interesting. Curious to hear your results.

Really there not much chance of things going wrong. I think the biggest potential issue would have happened in the twelve hours of the mash and runoff, but the wort smelled sweet with no off odors when I put it on to boil that evening. I’d have preferred to at least bring it to a Pasteurization temp prior to leaving but I was rushed for time. I left the grain in the MLT overnight and it was only starting to smell mildly funky the next morning when I dumped it.

Once I boiled the wort I felt it would be stable as long as the lid was kept on the kettle. The re-boil was the part I hadn’t done before, but I can’t see where it would cause issues.

I had to pause a brewday in the middle of the boil for a tornado threat to pass. I hadnt started my hop additions yet. Other than that, I’ve always brewed straight through. I have thought of doing an overnight mash to save time, but haven’t yet.

I have delayed pitching, but that doesn’t count.

I’ve mashed for 4-5 hours before but not overnight. I’ve heard it is fine to do though, and I favor a more fermentable wort and having a high efficiency.

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