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Split batch & yeast

I made an AG batch of Patersbier and used WYEAST 3787. I split the wort batch between 2 carboys because my buckets were all in use. That was about 10 days ago. The yeast in one carboy has settled while a fair amount of the yeast in the other carboy is still floating. There is slightly more wort in the second carboy. Could that be the reason the wort in one carboy is taking a little longer than the other?

I was planing on combining the two batches into one corney in a couple of weeks. This was to be my July 4th beer for some of the Lite folks who will be over.

did you make a starter?

because there is more wort in the second carboy it probably needed more cells than the first carboy. this caused a little longer lag time, thus taking longer to settle out

No starter for this low gravity beer. I thought I split the smackpack pretty evenly - but maybe not. Both airlocks bubbled away within 24 hours. I’ll give it another week or so.

well if you split the smack pack 50/50. and the beer wasn’t split 50/50. then the beer with more volume will take longer because its cells reproduced for longer. the carboy with more wort got less cells-per-liter than the carboy with less wort. which is probably why the yeast hasn’t settled yet

should be fine.

good luck :cheers:

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