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Split a Recipe

I have a question on splitting a recipe for an extract beer. I’ve seen where people say that you can just split everything in half (grain,DME,hops). I want to know about the yeast. has a video showing how to make a Pale Ale with a 15 minute boil. Some friends of mine tried it and said it turned out pretty good so I figure I’d give it a try. The recipe calls for a 6 gallon boil, but I really only want to do a 3 gallon boil.

The recipe is:
1 lbs of 60 L Crystal
6 lbs of Light DME
2 oz of Simcoe
2 oz of Amarillo
2 oz of Cascade

That should be easy to split in half (if that’s the right thing to do). My question is I have a smack pack (1056) that I need to get use and I want to know if I should pitch the whole pack? Will that be to much yeast?

Any opinions are welcome.


No it’ll be fine pitched into 3gal. You aren’t looking for a whole lot of yeast character in that style anyway.

A 15min boil will mean lower bitterness and relatively high hop flavor. Other people have hopped with all late additions, its a little wasteful as far as the amount of hops but they aren’t real expensive this year. Other than that there is really nothing wrong with a shorter boil time, DME is already processed and free of the stuff that might cause off flavors.

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for the info. They did say that it won’t have the bitter taste, but you do put in a nice amount of hops at 30/15/flame out to get a good hop flavor.


Actually two packs is the “standard” amount for 5 gal of average-gravity ale, so one pack is just about right for a 2-3 gal batch.

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