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Spilled Yeast

Pitched my yeast last night and forgot to use a funnel like I usually do. Spilled about a tablespoon down the side of the carboy. It’s a Belgian ale and I used Wyeast’s Belgian Abbey yeast. Should I re-pitch or just wait and see?

Well… how big was the beer? In either case, I don’t think a tablespoon would play that much difference.

It’s a 5 gallon batch. Also, I hit the smack pack a good four hours or so before I pitched but it didn’t seem to swell nearly as much as others I’ve let sit that long. It was in a 70-ish degree room the whole time. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

By “how big was the beer” Dimik probably was referring to the OG. More sugars require more yeast.

That said, if it is a big beer, you’ll probably want another smack pack. If it’s not a big beer, use your judgement. Is yeast available at a Homebrew store nearby and is peace of mind worth $6 to you?

Always have dry yeast around in just in case.

Og was 1050

you’ll be fine at 1.05

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