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Anyone have a coupon code for Spike Brewing? I’m about to pull the trigger and purchase a 10 gallon kettle. If I’m using it just as a brew kettle is one coupler sufficient? Or should I get the 2 coupler kettle so its future proof? I don’t really need a thermometer in it but an extra coupler could be useful down the road. I plan on doing 5 gallon all grain with 7-8 gallon boils so I wouldn’t need the horizontal configuration just the vertical one if I went with the 2 coupler kettle. Any thoughts?

Yes, get the double ported kettle. Until you get a pump, you can plug the hole. You could use the extra hole as a whirlpool port by putting an elbow and a reducing nipple on the inside. You git two benefits, 1 cools faster and 2 help to collect the trub in the center…… Sure you don’t want a bigger kettle? Sneezles61

I bought the 2 coupler kettle. I don’t plan on brewing more than a 5 gallon batch. Then again everyone says that right. I think it will suit me well.

I am certain it will, until…. just saying’… Sneezles61


Fedex dropped it off this morning! Super excited to start brewing with it! It’s just as good in person than it is on their website! Temporary plugs in the couplers to clean any residual oils from it. Waiting on the ball valve to arrive.

:grinning: :grinning:…… I wouldn’t let that outa my sight for a few days! They do look awesome! You keep us posted on the first breaking in brew event! Sneezles61

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Heating up some sparge water

90 minute boil


Oh look looks great, An APA ? So, after yer initial brew, how do you rate what you bought? Next a threaded thermometer? Sneezles61

Yes an APA. I love the kettle. Definitely a great purchase for the money. I had to really turn down the heat once it started to boil. Started with about 7.5 gallons. It did slightly foam over at the beginning. Handles are solids and the silicone grips are really nice and it cleans up well. Maybe a thermometer next.