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Spider in my tapper

This is kinda gross. I drew off a glass of my Amber Ale and seen a weird grey line in the foam. Then the line kinda moved. So I plucked it out of the foam and flicked it on the floor. It was a damn spider. :x

So I poured that glass out and drew off a new one. :mrgreen:

Not a scotsman then,

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar and each orders a pint of beer. When the drinks arrive they notice that all three pints have a fly in them. The Englishman just looks at his pint in disgust and pushes it away. The Irishman picks out the fly with his fingers, throws it on the floor and proceeds to drink his beer. The Scotsman picks the fly out of his pint, and holds it over the drinking saying, “Come on you little git, spit it out!”

:mrgreen: Cheers

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