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Spiced Wit with Munich Base?

Has anyone ever tried using Light Munich instead of Pils as a base malt in a wit with wheat and Oats? I’m out of my fav Pils grain and thought this might be an alternative. Maybe a little more Girth in the beer and a slightly darker SRM. Thoughts my fellow brewers? If i’m totally off base feel free to let it fly.Really wanna use up the last of my Durst Munich, so I’m forced to go out and restock the Base Malt Bin. Will this make it too malty and clash with the Spices? :roll:

12 GALLONS. 1.045 17.5 IBU 4.9 SRM 82% Efficiency
10# Wheat malt
5.5# Light Munich
2# flaked Oats
1.25 oz. Magnum @ 60
mash @150, 75 min.
@ flame out/ Steep for 15 Min.
1 ounce grated fresh ginger
1.5 ounce coarsely ground coriander
5 chamomile tea bags
2 oz of orange zest
3944 Wyeast Slurries

I think the idea of a wit-ish recipe with munich is interesting. It’s really hard to say how it will work given that it’s such an unusual pairing.

If you’re worried about the spices and malt conflicting, my advice would be to simplify the spice bill. To me, coriander alone, maybe with some bitter orange if you’re into it, should do it. Ferment warm and you should get plenty of character just from the yeast. Just my opinion, though–your tastes may be different from mine.

Good luck! :cheers:

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