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Spiced Winter Ale Forgot to Add the mulling spices


Began brewing the Spiced Winter Ale this evening and forgot to add the mulling spices. Didn’t realize it until I moved the wort to the primary fermenter.

Can I do anything now to add the spices?



Yes. Just add them to the primary or even secondary if you do one.

Thanks! I just added them this morning to the primary

mine’s been in primary for 3 weeks and most if not all of the aroma has fermented off and the taste isn’t as strong as i’d have liked (0.5oz at flame out). i think i might add 0.25oz a week before bottling.

The way I use to add spice was to first put the spice (either powder or whole if I could find the spice I wanted) in a bottle of vodka and let it blend over the course of fermentation. Once fermentation was done the vodka usually has picked up the spice flavor very nice by then. I would then add the beer to a bottle bucket and add the vodka tincture with a pipet until a got to the desired taste. No need to let it mellow because I overdid it when adding to the kettle or carboy, or being disappointed because it was too weak.

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