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Spent Grains

Hey guys, just a quick question. I’m looking at going to all grain sometime soon, but I’ve always had this nagging question: what do you do with the spent grains? I’ve seen where some people just leave them outside for deer (or, more likely, rats), but what else could they be used for? We try to use all the parts of the buffalo here, so I hate to just throw it out to rot. Thanks!

Compost them, your plants will love it!

I use some and make dog treats for my pup but that’s only a few cups of grain. If I have room in my compost bin I’ll put them there other wise I toss them at the dump. There use to be a guy at work that raised chickens or ducks and I would give them to him, but he retired. You can also make bread with the grains, or maybe bird feed. Just google uses for spent grains or beer grain. I’m sure you will get a million different uses.

I compost a vast majority of my grains. Also make some bread but 4 cups of spent grains out of ~12 lbs doesn’t really make a dent. The grains do make great compost though, they break down really quickly.

I’ve made bread, dog treats, put them in the garbage, threw them out behind the shed, and I’ve also tried making some Veggie Burgers, which didn’t turn out that great - flavor was fine, but depending on how fine your crush is, it can be odd to eat in a veggie burger. Then again, I’m not a vegetarian either so I’m not used to always eating that.

One thing I found is that if you are going to use the grains in something you plan to eat it is a good idea to make them finer. I use either my blender or food processor since getting husks stuck in your teeth isn’t a great eating experience.

I make spent grain bread with 3 cups of it and then put the other 50 pounds back into the grain bag and into the garbage can. Otherwise it can really stink bad in the Summer months.

If you compost them, mix some extra dry carbon in (shredded paper, sawdust, straw, etc) to reduce the odor. I have chickens, and have made dog treats that the dogs really like, might try bread next time too.

I have been mixing my spent grains in a kitchenaid mixer with some rolled/flaked oats, bit of flour, alot of honey, and brown sugar to make granola bars. maybe about 2.5 hours in a 200-250 degree and let it cool down on a rack. Taste wise it is okay a put hard and crunchy, but i have to admit eating one or two pieces the size of your index and middle finger put together will be all the fiber you need in a day. Also I have feed the spent grains right out of the mashtun to my cats and dogs, i dont know why but they prefer my spend grains compared to their purina.

I tried use my spent grain as birdfeed, but they won’t touch it. Very picky fowl, I guess. Anyway, I compost now and that is working out way better. My pepper plants love the composted soil.

Deer love it. I put out 20 lbs yesterday evening @ about 6:00 & it was gone by this morning. At 10:00 last night there were 10 deer grazing on the tasty grains. Cheers, and Happy Brewing!!!

I compost mine. I use the compost for my hops and garden.

I make dog treats and put the rest in my garbage disposal, I’ve put the last 3-4(I do 10 gal batches) down there with no problems

I have a few people that I know that have chickens, they love it. I get free eggs out of it once in awhile. Ask around, you may be surprised that you will find a chicken farmer pretty handy. The latest person I found is the bartender at one of my favorite local restaurants.

I normally compost mine, but I recently found a new way of getting rid of them…turn an 8 year old loose on them. You should see that little sucker put away 20 pounds of spent grain! :lol:

I bet he is pretty regular! :shock:

I feed the deer with them. I put them out where they pass by our house and they are gone overnight. I feel good to leave it ou especially in the winter when food is scarce.

I live in the country, so to speak and I dump them in my garden.

i stuff em in my armpits while still hot; it helps with the scabies and if you let it sit all night, has a moisturizing effect.

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