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Spelt malt

Anyone out there try this yet? I was thinking of using it instead of white wheat in an American wheat.

No but I did see that Best Malz is selling it so it should be a decent product. It is light (1.6-2.3L) so it ought to sub for light wheat malt. Let us know how it goes.

Weyerman also offers a Spelt malt, listed as a bakery supply item. Evidently it has a pretty high enzyme profile, which is useful in baking as much as in brewing.

I will, but no telling how soon it will happen as I’m retired now (thanks a lot recession) and don’t brew as often as I used to. I’ve got the stuff for a stout I’m brewing on sunday and a bitter for next month. Then I will use a bunch of new hops I got for my birthday in either an APA or an IPA: not sure how soon after that I’ll be brewing again.

I’ve used it in some saisons. I used to get it at a co-op. Tastes like wheat, and I hit the same numbers. Next week I’m trying a unmalted spelt cereal mash.

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