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Speckled Heifer

Just finished up my Speckled Heifer partial mash kit. Everything went great although I took my yeast for a ride. I pitched the yeast and then aerated. I think they will be dizzy for a while.
I made a starter from yeast that I harvested on 8/31 from my Extra Pale Ale. I should know how that went tomorrow morning or afternoon. My last starter from harvested yeast started overnight.
My last brew was a Belgian Dubbel partial mash that I created by looking at NB’s extract kit and a couple of recipes on line. It will not be ready until the last week in Nov. or first week of Dec. so I am awaiting the S.H. to fill in the production gap.
Ingredients are on the way for an Amber Ale and a Pale Ale that I hope will be something like Long Trail Brewery’s Pale Ale.
I had visitors last week so I missed a couple of possible brew days and am down to 82 bottles of beer. I am starting to get concerned :wink:

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